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"Do-It-Yourself" 11" x 14" Kits for Framing
Available for your Baby, Adopted Baby,
Twins, and Triplets

 "Ten Tiny Fingers™”  has created a fun and easy
“Do-It-Yourself” Baby Birth Certificate Kit that you can
personalize for your baby,  and frame and hang on the wall!  These 11”x14” Kits are available for single birth, adopted babies, twins, and triplets.  Create and personalize your very own cherished keepsake!  These are great gifts for any occasion!

Adopted BBC 11" x14" Kit
for Framing
 Single Baby BBC 11" x 14" Kit
for Framing
Twins BBC 11" x 14" Kit
for Framing
 Triplets BBC 11" x 14" Kit
for Framing

Each Kit Includes:
  (2) 12”x12” Baby Birth Certificates for Scrapbooks
         Acid free soft white and parchment 
             *Triplets get (3) Certificates

  (1) Clear label for printing names and dates
             *Request Inkjet label or Laser printer label   
  (1) Wooden rub-on-letter craft stick
  (1) Template for sizing photos
       Photo Mounting squares

 Each Certificate has space for:
  • Baby's Photo
  • Baby's Name and Birth Information
  • Baby's Family History/Genealogy
  • Artwork by award winning artist, Keith Freeman
  • Poems by Sharon Lee, specific to each certificate
       "Our Baby", "Our Chosen One", "Twice as Nice",
       "Three to Love" 
Single and Adopted "Do-It-Yourself" 11" x 14" Kit: $14.95  

Twins "Do-It-Yourself" 11" x 14" Kit:  $17.95
     (2) Certificates per Twin Kit

     *Specify Parchment or Soft White

Triplets "Do-It-Yourself" 11" x 14" Kit:  $17.95
      (3) Certificates per Triplet Kit
     *Specify Parchment or Soft White