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Legal Disclaimer:


Customized Baby Birth Certificates are guaranteed for quality of paper and printing.   Information printed on each certificate will be exactly as submitted by the purchaser or customer.   Information and photos can be submitted electronically through email, or by the USPS.  See Contact Information for addresses.

The BBC paper used by “Ten Tiny Fingers™” is a high quality , acid free  ivory, soft white, or light colored parchment.  Parchment has a slight texture, and any photo printed on this paper will pick up the texture of the parchment.

Any photos submitted by purchaser for  a “Ten Tiny Fingers™”  custom Baby Birth Certificate (for Framing or 12” x12” for Scrapbooks) should meet the following criteria:  Photos should be printed on glossy paper , because the photo will print more clearly on to the certificate than those photos originally printed and submitted on a textured paper.   When scanning a photo, scan at 300DPI.  Photos submitted, should be in focus, have a light background, with no shadows on the baby’s face.   NOTE:  The photo on the BBC will only be as good as the photo you submit.

All Baby Birth Certificates’ Artwork and Poems are copyrighted by the Author, Sharon Lee and “Ten Tiny Fingers™”, BBC.  Duplication of any kind, in part or whole, is a direct infringement of the “Copyright Laws” protecting all Poems, Custom “Ten Tiny Fingers™”  Baby Birth Certificates or “Do-It-Yourself” Baby Birth Certificate Kits, 11”x14” for Framing or 12”x12” for Scrapbooks.

All “Do-It-Yourself” Baby Birth Certificate Kits (11”x14” for Framing or 12”x12” for Scrapbooks) are guaranteed for quality of printing, quality of paper, and contents in the BBC Kit.  We are in no way responsible for your interpretation of our instructions or your application of the clear label (with names and dates that you printed on that label) onto the Baby Birth Certificate.  Make sure you ask for the correct clear label for your specific printer.  EXAMPLE:  Request Inkjet Clear Label for Inkjet printers and Laser clear labels for Laser Printers, otherwise you could damage your printer.  “Ten Tiny Fingers™” is not responsible for any repair , in part or whole to your printer, for any reason.  If you follow the instructions as instructed, in each Kit, your Baby Birth Certificate from our BBC Kit, should be a beautiful Heirloom Keepsake.  Please feel free to call with any questions about our BBC Kits or any other “Ten Tiny Fingers™”  products .  Toll free:  866-528-8575 or local number:  260-918-3492.

Any email address submitted to “Ten Tiny Fingers™”  are used solely for the purpose of contacting the purchaser or customer about a current purchase or for sending future “Ten Tiny Fingers™” advertisements  about  new products or specials.   No email addresses submitted to us will ever be sold to mailing lists or other companies, or used for any other purpose.

GENASTAR Genealogy CD – License Agreement:  By using this software, GENASTAR, the user agrees to the following conditions and terms for this software:  The text interpretations that are supplied with this program may not be used in any other program or application and are meant as study aids for the end user alone.  The user can modify and use the supplied text for his/her own educational and non-commercial purposes, but the user is NOT allowed to copy, distribute, or otherwise use the text interpretations for any purpose other than as described within the confines of this licensed software.  This software is distributed strictly on an as-is basis.   Sharon Lee, “Ten Tiny Fingers™”  and the author specifically disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to the software and documentation defects, or suitability of the software for any particular purpose.  In no event shall , “Ten Tiny Fingers™”, Sharon Lee, GENASTAR, or Keith Freeman, be liable to any customer for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages in any way arising from, or relating to use of this, GENASTAR, software.  NOTE:  Baby’s Personality Profile and Family Personality Profile (Past or Present) is derived from using GENASTAR software, and all legal disclaimers as stated above pertain to these profiles as well.

If, “Ten Tiny Fingers™” offers a compatibility profile between two or three people, it will be from a different source other than GENASTAR, because GENASTAR does not offer a compatibility profile between people.

Sharon Lee and “Ten Tiny Fingers™” use the information, supplied by purchaser or customer, to construct a character analysis of one or more people for entertainment purposes only.  Sharon Lee and “Ten Tiny Fingers™” are not liable to any purchaser or customer, for any special, direct or indirect, incidental, or consequential damages in any way, arising from or relating to the interpretation (of compatibility information) supplied to the purchaser or customer from “Ten Tiny Fingers™” or Sharon Lee.  This information is for entertainment purposes only.

Any and all information regarded in this “Ten Tiny Fingers™” Legal Disclaimer is subject to change as necessary and without notice.