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Baby and Family Personality Profile:

Certain influences, based on the time of year and the day your baby or a family member was born, can determine personality traits, life's direction, and tendencies for certain professions!

Have you ever wanted to know what your Great Grandmother or Grandfather's personality was like? Now you have an opportunity to find out! We can make a character analysis of any person PAST OR PRESENT.

All we need from you is: date of birth, time (if known), city and state, country of birth, and full given name. We can then determine personality strengths and characteristics of your baby or family member. These profiles are great for Scrapbooks!!!

Personality Profile Baby
Baby Profile Present Adult Profile Present Adult Profile Past

Let us do a personality profile of your baby or family member!

PRICING: Personality Profile: $14.95

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Genealogy Software CD:

The above examples of personality profiles were created by the GENASTAR CD. You can use the GENASTAR software to determine a personality profile for family and friends PAST OR PRESENT. Each profile is personalized with the name and sex of the person. It is a lot of fun and you will surprise yourself and others with the accuracy of this software!!!

This is also a great opportunity to enhance your family genealogy records by doing a character analysis of any person PAST OR PRESENT. Put the profile into a Scrapbook for future generations to appreciate too!

PRICING: GENASTAR Genealogy Software CD: $34.95

Click here to purchase the GENASTAR Genealogy Software CD:

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