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May 2008

  Recently I purchased a baby birth certificate package for my daughter, who just had her first baby, Danny, this April.

  She was so excited to receive this package, because it had the 11”x14” certificate that she could frame and give the two 8”x10” certificates, to the grandparents (I already have mine framed).  The smaller ones she mailed to her friends.

 Thank you for making this beautiful baby certificate and sending it to her so quickly.  She loved the fact that she could share Danny’s photo and birth information, and she didn’t have to do anything, except put them in the mail.


Anita Powell

Fort Wayne, IN


March 2008

 Hi! Sharon,

Thank you so much for the baby birth certificate scrapbook kit that I purchased from your website.  I followed your instructions and it was easy to do and it looks great in my daughter’s scrapbook!


Mandy Phillips

Van Wert, Ohio


December 2007

Ten Tiny Fingers,

I just had my first baby and my cousin bought a birth certificate for my daughter, Aidia.  The colors were perfect for her bedroom and I just love it!

Thanks for making this sweet gift for us.

Suzie Hamilton

Indianapolis, IN


August 2007

Dear Sharon,

I was looking for a personalized baby gift for my best friend, and found you on
the internet. 

The baby personality profile looked interesting so I ordered one for Linda’s baby girl.   It was so much fun to read, and we can’t wait to see if the baby’s personality is anything like the profile.

You have great baby gifts and I know I will order again. 

Becky Clark

Houston, TX


August 2007

   I received a "Ten Tiny Fingers" birth certificate for my son, Dakota, about six years ago, as a present from a dear friend.  I have this wonderful birth certificate on the wall in his room, and it is a very special reminder of when he was born.  In a few months I will get to order another "Ten Tiny Fingers" birth certificate for my second baby.  Thanks so much for this great gift.

Fort Wayne, IN