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Cleo Grush 1922-2006
In loving memory of my mother

Owner and Founder:  Sharon Lee

Our Mission:
   To create an Heirloom Keepsake for you that will be loved and appreciated by all who see it or receive it! This sweet mission... is my gift back to God, for the blessings he has given to me.

Company Profile: 
   Hi! My name is Sharon Lee. Most of my life I have been voice talent on TV & Radio commercials and worked in advertising, sales and marketing . I decided it was time for me to have fun and share my creative ideas with you! I have been providing customized birth certificates for my friends and family for almost 20 years! It all started with the Award winning, published poem Our Baby that I wrote for my daughter, Anji, back in 1981.

Since 1991, I have created customized Baby Birth Certificates for single births.   But in the past couple of years I have customized Baby Birth Certificates to also include adopted babies, twins and triplets!  Each Baby Birth Certificate has a different poem, specific to that certificate:  “Our Baby”(single birth); “Our Chosen One” (adopted baby); “Twice As Nice” (twins); and “Three to Love” (triplets).

Recently I have created "Do-It-Yourself" Baby Birth Certificate Kits.  You, your family and your friends can have all the fun filling them out for your baby’s Scrapbook (fits standard 12”x12” scrapbooks) or  "Do-It-Yourself" 11”x14” Baby Birth Certificate Kits that you can frame and hang on the wall.  (The artwork and the poems are the same as the original custom Baby Birth Certificates that I do.)  Refer to the Products page to find these.

My friend Keith Freeman, has also created a software CD, GENASTAR, that determines Personality profiles of friends and family, “Past” or “Present”.  You can figure out what your great grandfather and grandmother’s personality was like in the 1800’s.  Or you can determine the personality traits, life’s direction, and tendencies for certain professions of your new born , your friends, or other family members.  It’s lots of fun!  Refer to the Products page to find this CD.

So…I have created some beautiful Heirloom Keepsakes for your baby, adopted baby, twins, and triplets that you can share with your family and your friends that will be appreciated by many generations to come!  All of my products are made with love guaranteed for quality.  I want you to be as proud to have these unique keepsakes, as we are happy to create them for you.  I am so excited to be able to share my creative gifts with all of my new friends on the Web.  Thanks for stopping to visit and 

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