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Customized Baby Birth Certificates:

"Ten Tiny Fingers™”
 has created customized Baby Birth Certificates for your baby, adopted baby, twins or triplets!  Customized means that we will create for you a Decorative Baby Birth Certificate with your baby’s birth information, baby’s photo, family names, and a precious poem that will be a genealogy Heirloom Keepsake. 
We offer two different sizes of customized BBC:  12”x 12” for Scrapbooks and 11”x 14” to frame and hang on the wall.

Click on the links below to find the Baby Birth Certificate you want.
1.  Single Child
2.  Twins
3.  Triplets
4.  Adopted Child
5.  Customized Scrapbook Pages

"Do-It-Yourself" Baby Birth Certificate Kits:

 "Ten Tiny Fingers™”  has created fun and easy
“Do-It-Yourself” Baby Birth Certificate Kits: 12”x12”
for Scrapbooks and 11”x14” for Frames!  Now you can personalize your baby’s Birth Certificate and decorate it just the way you like it!  These Kits are available for single birth, adopted babies, twins, and triplets.

Click on the links below to find the Kit you want.
1.  12"x12" Scrapbook Kits
2.  11"x14" BBC Kits for Framing

Genealogy Personality Profiles:

Certain influences, based on the time of year and the day your baby or family member was born can determine personality traits.  We can make a character analysis of any person, “Present” today or “Past”. 

Click on the link for more information.

1.  Baby/Family Personality Profile